Saturday, October 31, 2009


Okay, okay... I guess I should really pay fitting homage to the national holiday of my people, so here's something real scary for all you maniacal monster kids out there. After all, the only thing scarier than The Misfits themselves is... a bunch of guys from other bands dressed up as The Misfits! Oh, and a graveyard full of the most hellish, unearthly things ever to ooze forth from their shuddersome, slime-encrusted tombs. Sounds like a typical evening on Osborne Street to me, but whatever. WARNING! INTENSE HORROR!! WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE IF YOU NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!!! PS: Should have some hip news to announce involving the real Misfits sometime next week. Stay tuned for MORE ALL-HALLOWS EVE ACTION!

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