Monday, February 11, 2013

Evil Things

Just finished this sleeve design for the upcoming 7" issue of 2 great '60s punk tracks from legendary Florida garage monsters Evil. This is exactly the kind of project I was hoping to get to work on when I first got into the sleeve art racket so I am mighty excited about this release. This one should be hitting the streets soon and it's a limited edition so check in with your local purveyor of the wild sound to see about gettin' your hands on a copy before they are all gone. Stay tuned for MORE EVIL ACTION!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ghost With The Most

Here's the logo I designed for super hip Spanish r'n'r label Ghost Highway Recordings, based on a beloved urban legend about voluptuous Hollywood sex goddess Jayne Mansfield. This will make its first appearance on the Ghost Highway poster I recently designed (scroll down a few posts for a look at that) and presumably will be seen on some future releases by the label. Stay tuned for MORE BEND OVER, I'LL DRIVE ACTION!

Hip Pop

Recently completed this poster for the upcoming Winnipeg appearance by influencial '90s rappers The Pharcyde. This is my first ever poster for a hip hop show and is also probably the most '60s Pop Art influenced rap poster art ever. Stay tuned for MORE PHAR OUT ACTION!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Routes '66

Recently finished this Euro tour poster art for Japanese garage beatsters The Routes. I have been digging their recent instrumental LP on Groovie Records and would surely be there to check out some of these shows were I in sunny Spain or Portugal instead of the frozen wastes of Canada. There's some talk of reworking this art into a sleeve for a limited edition tour 7"; if that idea pans out I'll update this post to include that version. More stuff comin' soon so... UPDATE: Added variant version that will be used on the 7" sleeve; see below. Stay tuned for MORE MESS WITH THE BULL AND YOU'LL GET THE HORN ACTION!