Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mondo Rondo

Just finished this sexy T-shirt design for hip Toronto garage combos the Pow Wows, fulfilling a long-time dream of drawing legendary weirdo Rondo Hatton, the acromegliac star of movies like House Of Horrors and The Brute Man. The Pow Wows will be on tour in the next few months so don't miss the chance to add this sharp looking garment to your action wardrobe. Next on my agenda has gotta be drawing the great Angelo Rossito. Any takers out there? Stay tuned for MORE HUMAN ODDITY ACTION!

Crime Does So Pay

Did this sleeve a few months back for the second LP by Swedish crime rock supervillains Skurkarna. It took a nefarious conspiracy of no less than four Spanish labels (including previous purveyors of Merinuk "art" KOTJ Records and Ghost Highway Records) to unleash this longplayer but it'll all be worth it as the sinister instrumental sounds of Skurkarna make you hungry for a life of crime. Stay tuned for MORE WRONG SIDE O'THE LAW ACTION!