Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spine Tinglers

Here's a new T-shirt/logo design for Winnipeg's newest punk rock combo the Spine Tinglers. I don't get to do much straight up punk art these days, and even less black and white work in these daze of full color everything so I had a lotta fun working on this one. More weird junk comin' soon so... Stay tuned for MORE EAT THAT RAT ACTION!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Infernal Combustion

Kickin' off 2013 with this nutty poster design for hep Spanish label Ghost Highway Recordings, in celebration of their 5th year in the hot wax racket. This one was inspired by AC/DCs "Highway To Hell"and a couple of crazy dreams I had years ago and Lux Interior's great line about being a Drag Racer on LSD and various other sludge that's circling around in the nethermost reaches of my slobconscious mind at any given moment. Got a few other backlogged items to get posted up here soon so... Stay tuned for MORE ACID-BLASTIN' HIPPIE FREAK ACTION!