Saturday, February 28, 2015


Here's my sleeve art for the upcoming debut album by the Sloths. These guys are legendary for their insane '60s garage classic "Makin' Love" as heard on the Back From The Grave comp series. They've been back together for the past couple years with a mostly-new lineup and are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their original 45 by releasing an all-new album. I was honored to get to do the cover for this and am proud and kind of stupefied to be playing a small role in the decades-long Sloths story. This is coming out in a mid-March on Burger Records and will be released on LP, CD and cassette so check it out and look for them on tour soon in California, Texas and places like that. Oh yeah, they're printing up a poster of this art too so grab one when you see 'em. Stay tuned for MORE PRIMITIVE ACTION!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vinyl Solution

Here's the latest in a series of posters I've been doing for my friend Mark's record shows out in Calgary. Time to sell a few internal organs on Ebay and invest the profits in vinyl! Stay tuned for MORE MICROGROOVE ACTION!