Thursday, September 21, 2017

Record Riot!

Couple brand new 7"ers in stores now: The Unreleasables 6-song EP on Creatures Of The Night Records outta the UK and Richie Ramone's "I Fix This" 45 on Outro Records from the good old USA. A coupla fine old-style punk records unfortunately marred by more of that tasteless Merinuk sleeve art. Both drawings are repurposed oldies; the brain art was originally drawn as a cover for a Queers tribute CD back in the '90s sometime and the Richie art was a poster for a show he did in Hamilton, Ontario a few years back. Both were newly kustomized for rekkid sleeve use. More new/old stuff comin' soon so keep them eyeballs in high gear, kiddies. Stay tuned for MORE 7 INCHES OF PLEASURE ACTION!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Here be a recent cover I did for Regina's #1 indie paper, Prairie Dog. It came out a few weeks ago so you probably missed it. Anyway this drawing was inspired by a bunch of comics that I read as a kid, including Swamp Thing, Man-Thing and all of those weird 1950s horror comic reprints that Marvel was doing in the early '70s, some of which messed up my mind real good. Above is the final art as I submitted it, below the finished cover after the PD design staff had worked their magic on it. Should have some more new stuff to post soon so... Stay tuned for MORE SWAMP O'LOVE ACTION!