Thursday, September 21, 2017

Record Riot!

Couple brand new 7"ers in stores now: The Unreleasables 6-song EP on Creatures Of The Night Records outta the UK and Richie Ramone's "I Fix This" 45 on Outro Records from the good old USA. A coupla fine old-style punk records unfortunately marred by more of that tasteless Merinuk sleeve art. Both drawings are repurposed oldies; the brain art was originally drawn as a cover for a Queers tribute CD back in the '90s sometime and the Richie art was a poster for a show he did in Hamilton, Ontario a few years back. Both were newly kustomized for rekkid sleeve use. More new/old stuff comin' soon so keep them eyeballs in high gear, kiddies. Stay tuned for MORE 7 INCHES OF PLEASURE ACTION!

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