Saturday, February 26, 2011

Zombies In My Garage Part 2

Here's the artwork for the new LP by French garage fiends The Mean Things. This one will be coming out very soon on hep German label Soundflat Records. The art is kind of a sequel to the drawing I did for their first album, which you can find elsewhere on this very blog. More stuff coming soon, so... Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Havana A Go Go

Here's the poster for an upcoming benefit fundraiser for Solidarity Rock, a project aimed at strengthening ties between the Cuban and Canadian punk rock scenes. I just did the illustration for this with the final design being masterminded by local punk rock graphic design maestro (and Kids On Fire drummer) Steve Hallick. The moshin' Castro drawing is of course an homage to Shawn Kerri's famous Skankman logo used by the Circle Jerks. I'm finishing up several projects right now so should have some more new stuff for ya real soon. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Running Wylde

Just finished this poster art for Aussie garage monsters Thee Wylde Oscars who are embarking on their first European tour this April. If their live shows are half as crazy as their album it should be a Wylde time indeed. Stay tuned for MORE OSCAR WINNING ACTION!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

News Of The Saucers

Latest word is that Flying Saucers Rock'n'Roll, the amazin' compilation volume of wigged out interview action from the august pages of Roctober magazine which I have been blabbin' about since the very beginning of this here blog will finally be hitting the streets sometime in the spring or summer of 2011. In fact I have just agreed to draw the cover art for this epic tome to go along with the 10 interior illustrations that I drew back in 2009. To celebrate this thrilling news flash, here's another illo from the book featuring outlaw country legend David Allan Coe. This career spanning DAC interview is probably the single best and most astonishing conversation in Roctober history. In fact, it's actually the thing that made me the huge DAC fan that I am today, so I was super-stoked to get to do this illustration to accompany its reappearance in FSR&R. More info on the book (and maybe a sneak peek at the cover art) as we get closer to the street date. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Drag

Here's another unpublished oldie from the vintage vault. This was supposed to be a 7" sleeve for speed-crazed Spanish garage punk combo Los Ass Draggers featuring a track spun offa their debut LP Abbey Roadkill. Jorge from Dr. Explosion was gonna put this out on his Thunderpussy Records label but that fell through for some reason and later there was some talk about Crypt Records puttin' it out but that never happened either so it is now making its grand debut right here in the Rubber Room. More cryptic crud comin' at you real soon so... Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!