Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Granny Groper

The Granny Groper was a wigged-out Native American kid who, during a months-long spree back in 2002, terrorized a number of little old ladies here in Winnipeg by suddenly rushing up to grab a quick feel of their geriatric naughty bits. The cartoonish sobriquet (pinned on him by the local news media) along with the combination of hilarity and disturbing grotesquery inherent in his little hobby seemed to indicate that he should have a place somewhere in my wacky cartoon wonderland. He was still on the loose when I penciled this out (based on the official police sketch and description) in 2002 but if I remember rightly they had apprehended him long before I finally got around to finishing it in 2005. Published in Roctober #42. Ya gotta wonder what would happen to a mixed-up kid like this. Perhaps he is a regular reader of this very blog. If so I suggest that he, like all of you... Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!


  1. I remember seeing this some time ago and thinking it was strange (unlike most of your art). I didn't realise there was a whole story behind it.

  2. Yeah, usually I try to stick to the idea that the art should speak for itself, but in this case I think a bit of background information only magnifies the weirdness. And magnifying weirdness is what I'm all about.