Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lux Interior

I drew this cover a few months back for Dig It!, a long running French rock'n'roll fanzine. I was really pleased to have a chance to pay tribute to the late Lux Interior, singer of my number one all-time fave ravin' combo The Cramps. Like thousands of other rock'n'roll trash culture mutants all over this mad spinning globe, I owe a huge debt to the pioneering spirit and generosity of Lux and his life partner-in-crime Poison Ivy. I have no idea who I would be or what I would be up to if I hadn't fallen under the spell of their rockin' glamour all those years ago, but I'm quite sure I wouldn't be doing what I am doing or having nearly as much fun doing it. The above is my original conception of how the cover should look; several minor changes were made in the final printed version. More wild stuff on the launching pad real soon. Stay tuned for MORE HYPNO SEX RAY ACTION!

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