Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Smugglers

My old buddy Patrick (veteran of a couple zillion hip garage combos over the past two decades) asked me to make this poster for an Ottawa gig headlined by The Smugglers way back in 1996. The Smugglers were a fun, high energy garage/powerpop outfit outta Vancouver. Probably Canada's best known rock'n'roll combo of the '90s, they toured heavily and had lots of records released all over the world. I was real happy with the way this poster came out and pleasantly surprised when it appeared accompanying a 10-year anniversary Smugglers retrospective in Exclaim! (Canada's most prominent alternative music mag) a few years back. The Knurlings were Patrick's outta spaced garage combo at the time (he's currently rock'n'rolling in the super fun bubblegarage duo Shanker And Romps) and Duotang were a then-popular Winnipeg alt rock outfit that I personally never much cared for. Here endeth today's reading. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!


  1. Full colour? Awesome!

    Also, wicked crazy cool blog, Bro'.

  2. Cheers, Mr. Knurling. More Knurlings and Glads stuff will be coming up soon so keep watching this space! I guess I should mention that I've been adding color to some of my older black and white posters as part of a Secret Project, so some of these are being seen in all their polychromatic splendor for the very first time right here In The Rubber Room.