Sunday, October 11, 2009

Turbo Charged Death Machine

This was drawn back in 2005 for the band Grayline, an aggressive-yet-still-melodic punk combo from London, Ontario. They asked me to draw an evil, souped up monster car so I tried to take the idea as far as I could, way past Road Warrior country into some kinda post-Lucio Fulci zombie apocalypse nightmare world. This was supposed to come out on Amp Records but the label went on hiatus a couple of years ago and as far as I know the CD has never hit the streets. Maybe by the time it finally comes out scenes like those depicted on the cover will be so commonplace that this will be considered an example of documentary realism. We can only hope. More weird art coming soon to help us through the grim days that lie ahead. Stay tuned for MORE APOCALYPTIC ACTION!

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