Friday, October 30, 2009

Thee Butchers' Orchestra

Made this sleeve back in 2004 for the illustrious Voodoo Rhythm label outta Bern (in Hell) Switzerland. Thee Butchers' Orchestra are from São Paulo, Brazil and play a kinda messed-up garagey mix of blues'n'punk. I had the idea of a crazed butcher chopping up guitars for the cover, Voodoo Rhythm CEO Beat-Man suggested that I draw Howlin' Wolf as the butcher and the band listed several of their favorite bluesmen for me to portray as eager customers in the shop. The front cover was an experiment in which all the different elements were drawn separately and then combined on the computer. I drew the Wolf figure on very rough paper to get a scratchy, dry brush look for him and the background was a quick acrylic painting. The back cover is just a normal drawing (if you care to use that term in relation to my work) with color and text added in Photoshop. This came out on LP and CD and should still be available from the Voodoo Rhythm hipsters for your listening pleasure. Thee Butchers' have several other releases, including a CD on my buddy Pirulo's hip label Rastrillo Records outta Buenos Aires. They are also on Volume 2 of the South American Teenage Garage punk series of 7" comps (Butterfly Records, Spain, 2006, cover art by yours truly yet again), appropriately enough with the song Stop Talking About Music. Stay tuned for MORE MOST BLUES-WAILING ACTION!

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