Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mind Disaster

Way back at the very dawn of human civilization (or "1995" as we referred to it at the time), I received a phone call from a crazed Englishman who was living in France and putting out wild '60s-style garage and psychedelic records on a label called Weed Records. He had a lot of big plans and wanted me to design a bunch of record sleeves for his forthcoming onslaught of vinyl. The first (and last) thing I worked on for him was this poster for a two day festival featuring the cream of France's up'n'coming mid-'90s garage/psych crop. Not long after I sent him the artwork he disappeared owing gobs of cash to pretty much everybody in the garage scene (including yours truly) and as far as I know, no one has heard from him since. I was curious for years about whether the show had actually taken place so I was glad to recently learn from Lio of The Beach Bitches that not only did it happen but that everyone had a really great time. I wish I could have made it at least to the second night of this as I designed record sleeves for 3 of the 4 bands that played that night, which presumably means that someone would have bought me a free beer or two. Anyhow, more new old stuff coming soon to stick to the roof of your mind. Remember to Duck and Cover. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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