Friday, October 23, 2009

Lime Spiders Vs. Molting Vultures

The Lime Spiders were one of the top '80s underground combos in Australia, combining '60s garage punk and psych with the hard-edged Aussie guitar rock sound that all the hip record collectors in North America were diggin' at the time. Like a lotta bands from that era they are still gigging occasionally and through my connection with The Molting Vultures I was asked to put together this poster for one such show. The image is the black and white artwork I came up with for the Vultures' Drop In And Go CD. On the CD this piece was printed in full color but over time I have come to prefer the contrast of the B&W version so that's what you get. When I was a kid Surfin' Bird was my favorite tune (it still is, actually) and I often used to make little sketches of hot doggin' buzzards inspired by the song, so this was a chance to do an ultimate, fully-rendered version of the idea. When I mentioned this to Vultures' singer Nick he told me that his band often covers Surfin' Bird, so it all came together pretty neatly. Speaking of which, I just finished assembling an alternate version of the new piece I recently did for the Vultures, so as a wild weekend bonus blast you can check that one out below. Let's have a party! Stay tuned for MORE ANTIPODEAN ACTION!

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