Friday, October 2, 2009

(Teenage) Marsmen

One last sojourn to the Red Planet before returning to Earthly affairs. This one was made back in 1996 for an unruly mob of Ramones-infected troublemakers from Norway originally known as The Teenage Marsmen. At the time I was obsessing over Wally Wood's EC work and '50s Juvenile Delinquent paperbacks (as careful perusal of this humble effort will no doubt make most abundantly clear). By the time I finished the art the band had trimmed their moniker down to just The Marsmen, and they also requested that I remove the band members names from the jackets of the extraterrestrial JDs. This I did although it pained me, for the thought of juvenile delinquents from the Scandinavian part of Mars was pretty dear to my heart. I hand cut the color separations and sent them along with the revised art to Norway, where the 7" was dutifully released on Sneakers Records in 1997. Outside of a handful of photocopies sent to friends at the time this is the worldwide debut of this art in its original form, freshly scanned and cleaned up for you this very day. More weird wonderment is on it's way so keep them peepers peeled and... Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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