Sunday, October 25, 2009

Banjo Stomp

Had a great time last night seeing B. A. Johnston and The Angry Dragons rockin' out at the Lo Pub here in Winnipeg so this poster from a few months back seemed like a natural for today's post. I didn't know much about B. A. and his hard-to-describe music (a mix of Casio keyboards and samplers, minimum wage frustration, basement dwelling loserdom and the theme from The Jeffersons, amongst other things) before working on this poster but seeing his hilarious live show has made me a fan. The Stables have a fun, energetic roots rock sound with a good amount of banjo in the mix, thus inspiring this takeoff on the famous Dueling Banjos scene from Deliverance. I grew up out in the country (and was born way out in the country where my dear old dad was involved in hot rodding and moonshine running in his younger days) so I have always been interested in portraying various aspects of rural Americana, albeit in my usual highly caricatured manner. Which is another way of saying, look for many more drawings of inbred hillbillies and meth-crazed rednecks in very many posts yet to come on this here blog. Stay tuned for MORE COUSIN-MARRYING ACTION!

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