Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Electric Frankenstein

There's a long but not very interesting story behind this one. Back in 2004 Sal from Electric Frankenstein asked me to design a sleeve for the EF side of a split 7" that a small European label was gonna release. At the time the song on the EF side was planned to be Infected. I came up with the original version of this design and about a year and a half went by while we waited for the record to come out. Sometime in 2006 Sal made arrangements with Canadian hardcore rawkers Maximum RNR for an EF/MRNR split 7" featuring the EF track Life In Rewind. Since there was no sign of the Infected 7" happening, we reclaimed the art intended for that release and I revised it for the new project. This version of the art was printed in the 2008 EF calendar. Not long after I sent them the revised art MRNR signed a big new record deal and had to put all their time and money into recording a new album, so once again the split 7" project languished like a platter of moldy old spaghetti until late in 2008 when 500 green wax copies finally hit the street on MRNR's own label. I revised the art yet again for the actual release and that's the definitive version you see here. As I write this I'm working on a big new EF record sleeve. More info on that when the time is right. Meanwhile... Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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