Friday, October 2, 2009

Psychobilly Fiesta Over Hamburg

Here's a poster design I did for my old friend Jochen of Fiesta Germany fanzine fame. Shortly before drawing this I had spent a couple of days revisiting the Evil Dead trilogy on DVD and that influence seems to have invaded this one in much the same way that ancient Sumerian demons might invade your best friend while you are on a weekend camping trip at an isolated cabin far off in the dark, dark woods. The lineup of the festival has changed a bit since I finished the poster so there are some alternate versions of this around, but this original version is the best quality one I have on hand so that's what you get. I'm heading out to hear some rock'n'roll on a Friday night but rest assured more of this kind of junk will be coming your way real soon. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!


  1. Oct.9, 2009
    This is an excellent piece Darren! Monsters, zombies, ghouls (and ghirls) are my fav's.
    I love the colors and combinations thereof (excluding all the logos slapped on all over the place, which don't really participate in the main art piece.) ....
    Hey! This gig's tomorrow, in Germany. I can't get there in time, now!!
    ... Love them green-skinned dead guys!
    - Keep this stuff comin'... "Pronto"

  2. Sorry, I've changed my mind about my opinion in that last comment...
    The logos give it sort of a colorful pizazz. They add to the busy-ness of the piece. Sort of like having colorful extra toppings on a pizza. Although, .. there really isn't anything in there tempting my appetite.... except maybe... DEAD FLESH!!!!