Friday, October 16, 2009


French Canadian wild men Demolition graced the Royal Albert stage a couple of times way back in 1999. They played high energy MC5-ish r'n'r with a crazed Iggy-inspired singer fronting the action. At the second show he was drenched in sweat, writhing shirtlessly on the floor and ending up totally covered in filthy black Royal Albert slime like some kind of rock'n'roll coal miner. That second show especially was a true wild outburst of rock'n'roll in it's pure form, the kinda thing you hope to see at every show and almost never do. Demolition didn't last very long but they did manage to put out a CD and a 7" EP that I know of. Local openers on this night were avant-rockabilly weirdos The Fever Breaks, amazing '77-ish street punkers The Mohosimrots and The Breath Grenades. To make a perfect evening just that little bit better the show took place on a Thursday, the Albert's legendary cheap draft night. More foamy golden memories coming soon. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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