Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flame Whip Thrill Band

Poster for American Flamewhip's Activate CD release show from last year. Flamewhip are a tuff aggro-blues/rawk combo born from the ashes of The Vagiants. They contributed a great track to the Winnipeg Riot! comp and have 2 fine CD releases on Transistor 66. It seems they are suspended in some kinda cryogenic half-life right now but I understand they are emerging from cold storage to play at the Hot Live Guys farewell show in late December. They're a great hard rockin' band and I was sure happy to get to do this poster design for them. Also on the bill that night were 2 other T66 combos, The Gorgon with their art-primitive girl rock and melodic punkers The Fabulous Kildonans (I am obligated by a local by-law to inform you that Fab K's bassman Mark was a member of Winnipeg's legendary '80s hardcore kingpins The Stretch Marks). A small run of nice glossy prints of this poster were printed for sale at the show, now adding a touch of decorative color to prison cells and opium dens province-wide I am sure. Thanks to Art from T66 for gettin' this here deal together. Flamewhip logo designed by Mr. Johnny Crap. UPDATE: I am reliably informed (thanks, Al!) that the Flamewhip logo is the fine handiwork of Brendon Ehinger. Sorry, Brendon! Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!


  1. A slight correction, sir: the logo was designed by Brendon Ehinger.

  2. Oops! Post updated to more accurately reflect conditions currently prevailing in reality. Thanks, Al!