Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lights Out!

This'un was meant to be the sleeve for a split 7" by a combo called Subgoblins. They were some kind of spinoff from the eccentric garage rockin' Goblins from Chicago, not to be confused with Goblin from Italy, Thee Goblins from Canada or any other musical aggregation of Goblins that may be lurking in the cellars and pumpkin patches of our world. Subgoblins were supposed to cover the classic Lights Out by The Angry Samoans on their side of the 7"; I don't remember who or what was meant to inhabit the flipside. Anyhow the single never came out for whatever reason. I remember sending out lots of photocopies of this to all my pen pals at the time so it may have shown up in some fanzine somewhere but at this late date I really can't say for sure what or where. As the old saying goes, it only starts to get funny when somebody loses an eye. Ask Sammy Davis, Jr. if you don't believe me. Stay tuned for MORE DO THE EYE GOUGE, YOU TURKEYNECK ACTION!


  1. I think it was going to be "Lights Out" by UFO covered on the flip side

  2. Ahh, that rings a dim bell somewhere in the depths of my monkee mind! Was the band The Arch Obeler Experience by any chance?

  3. I think it was a split single where half the band would do one song and the other half would do the other. So more a schizo single than a split single.