Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Don't Need No Doctor

Made this CD/LP sleeve back in 1996 for those garage rockin' wild men from Gijon, Spain known as Dr. Explosion. These guys had it all; super catchy tunes, lots of wild energy, a crazed stage show and a boss musical mix of garage, surf, R&B, punk and pop. At the time they were branching out from Spain into the international garage scene. Later I believe they had some Spanish radio hits and focused most of their attention on their home turf. Last I checked they were still playing with singer/guitar mangler Jorge the only original member. Back in my pre-computer days I colored this artwork using the old 3 color overlay technique, wherein you hand cut the color separations on 3 sheets of clear plastic, one each for red, yellow and blue, overlapping them to create all the various color combinations. It's a labor intensive, somewhat mind numbing and now totally obsolete technique, but it resulted in a cool vintage comic book look that I liked a lot. Esteemed Roctober critic Flamin' Waymon Timbsdayle called this my "MADdest sleeve yet," and I don't think I've topped it even now in my ongoing attempts to pay homage to the mind altering work of Kurtzman, Elder, Davis and Wood. I did a 7" sleeve for the Explosion guys as well which will show up here at some future date. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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  1. I loved that band. All I have is the LP on Get Hip. Total party rock!

    It's funny how you talk about 3 colour separations as if it was the olden days. You know, like 12 years ago, or something.

    Kinda like way back when the folks used to send letters through the mail. Can you imagine?

    But seriously, I love the way that your stuff is often a throwback/tribute to the coolest/obsoletest art and music that nobody has ever heard of.

    There are still many of us crazies out there who eat it up. Keep it coming, brother. And again, wicked blog!