Friday, November 20, 2009

The Surf Creature

Made this one way back in 1994 for those reverb-happy extraterrestrials over at Romulan Records. I really dig these trashy comps of obscure old 45s and was stoked to get to do this sleeve for an LP crammed full of great early '60s surfin' instrumentals. Drawing a Horror Of Party Beach inspired surf monster was a natural here but due to mental impairment caused by many childhood hours of teevee rerun ogling in the early '70s I decided to throw in a Gilligan's Island tribute as well. I wish I had done a better job on some of the caricatures (particularly that of the great Jim Backus, whom I regard as one of the greatest geniuses ever to walk among us mere and most meager mortals) but overall I think this one holds up okay. More weird stuff comin' soon. Stay tuned for MORE SURFIN' SWINGIN' AND SURFIN' ACTION!

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