Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Humpers

LA's mighty Humpers graced the stage of the Pyramid Cabaret back in 1997. I had gotten a very serious sunburn the day before and my skin was boiled lobster red and peelin' but I sure wasn't gonna miss an event such as this. A liberal application of Vitamin B-E-E-R soon had me in show-goin' condition and I'm real glad I made it. The Humpers were one of those bands that just seem to exude a kinda struttin', whiskey-soaked sleaze rock vibe, smokin' weed onstage and blastin' forth those Chuck Berry riffs into the wee hours every night. The garage punk scene here was just getting started at the time so there weren't any local bands worthy of opening a show of this caliber. I have no memory of the other two bands listed on the poster and I suspect that it's just as well. The drummer of The Humpers told me that he liked my poster but he was more a fan of the female derrierre than of S&M so could I incorporate that aspect into a poster next time they played in Winnipeg? Always happy to oblige, I came up with a great idea for that next poster but sadly they never made it back. More wild stuff comin' up real soon, kids. Stay tuned for MORE MUTHAHUMPIN' ACTION!

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