Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Crusaders

From sunny Sydney, Australia, The Crusaders blared forth a fuzzy, Sonics-infused brand of frat party garage ravin' throughout the '90s and on into our present decade. I'm not sure if they are still playing or not, but a couple years ago I had the chance to do the sleeve design for this CD comp of some of their older material which came out on the hip Rastrillo Records label outta Buenos Aires. I made the front art as if it was an old animation cel, with a colored line drawing overlaid on an acrylic painting. On the back I was aiming for a '60s children's book kinda look with a bit of Hanna-Barbara styling thrown in for flavor. Crusaders' drummer Sir Mickster is currently running the cool Off The Hip label, serving up the loudest and wildest garage and powerpop action from Mad Max-land with a side order of foamy Foster's Lager. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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