Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hog Maw Funnies

My buddy Cédric runs the Hog Maw Records label over there in France, bringing us big servings of the wildest, most drunken rockabilly around with side orders of primitive garage and blues action on the menu as well. He's put out great records by Mack Stevens, Hasil Adkins and a bunch more including a savage comp of ultra-obscure original rockabilly entitled Raw Meat. Lately he's been scouring the backwoods of Canada for raw talent and has signed up two stompin' and rockin' one man combos, Bloodshot Bill and Slim Sandy. I put together this comic strip ad last year to help him spread the word about all this fine as wine wax and it came out almost as primitive and semi-incoherent as the music it is supposed to be promoting. It's been printed in Dig It! and Blue Suede News, maybe some other places too. Should be some cool new Hog Maw releases out real soon. Maybe it's time for chapter 2 of Hog Maw Funnies? Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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