Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Vikings

Straight outta Norway by way of NYC, The Vikings were a punk rock supergroup featurin' Crazy Stevie Baise of Devils Dogs fame, Morten Henriksen from The Yums Yums and Cosmic Dropouts plus a coupla Turbonegro dudes. Back-to-back KBD classick covers (Savage originally by Aussie maniacs The Fun Things, Just Head by Boston's Nervous Eaters) made this wild waxing an instant party fave. I was a mad ravin' Devil Dogs fanatic in those days (still am as far as that goes) so I was really stoked when my pal Ritchie from Screaming Apple Records asked me to design the sleeve for this 7"er. I thought a wise-ass punk rock parody of Frank Frazetta's iconic Conan painting The Barbarian would be a cool idea for the sleeve, but most people seemed to dig the skull action on the back cover more. The Vikings were just a side project for all these guys but they did have another 7" on Sympathy and an LP on Roto Records outta Spain. More way out weirdness coming at you soon so please don protective headgear when visiting this blog. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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