Friday, December 11, 2009

Acne Rabble

Here's a primo example of the kinda wacky weirdness you can get involved in when you're a freelance artisté. Back in 1996 I had done a few T-shirt designs for a guy named Roberto, a just-outta-high-school kid with a real old style hustlin' make-a-buck attitude. Later he asked me to do these illustrations for some kinda acne treatment program he was gonna start peddling. I dunno if he ever actually got this project off the ground; I never saw the printed booklet he was planning and this was the last I heard from him but I certainly enjoyed the thought of being involved in some sort of patent medicine type operation. I do think acne is a worthwhile topic for artistic consideration and have plans to revisit the subject at some point. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!


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  2. Loving the illustrations. Old school comic art needs to come back.