Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Instant Litter

I sometimes do these kinda quickie cut'npaste posters for local shows and while I don't consider them to be "art" exactly, they are fun to look at so what the heck, here are a couple of 'em for your perusal. The first one features The Angry Dragons and The Sweet Nothings, both of whom I've blabbed about here before, and the very cool Ex-Girlfriends, a primitivo all-girl surf-punk trio with super memorable, attitude-laden tunes. This was one of the best all-local shows I've ever been to. The Nobunny show was way outta hand; I'm not gonna even try to describe the craziness that went on that night. I had a great time watching Nobunny blast out a bunch of super catchy high energy bubblepunk. I didn't get to meet Mr. Nobunny at the show but had a chance to talk to him when he was in town with King Khan and BBQ a few weeks back and he's a real nice fella. Yay for Nobunny. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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