Monday, December 7, 2009

The Fiends

The Fiends got going somewhere around 1994 out in fog-shrouded Vancouver, BC. They had the same basic creepy garage sound as combos like The Morlocks and The Gravedigger 5, but added in their own brand of crazed, fuzzed-out intensity to convincingly convey a kinda seething psychosis in sound. They had a couple of LPs, a 10" and several 7"s out in the '90s then went underground for a few years. They were back doing shows again in the past 2 or 3 years but I guess Greg Johnson's death will probably be the end of the line for them as he seemed to be the driving force behind the whole thing. I had done some drawings for Greg's pre-Fiends creepy garage combo The Worst, so I segued naturally into doing stuff for The Fiends. I designed the main Fiends logo that they used throughout their career, a bunch of creepy little spot illos that were used on their In Scareo 10"er and made a drawing based on their song Zombies (Have Feelings Too) which was used on a cassette of demos and unreleased tracks that Greg put out. He also used various monster drawings of mine for Fiends gig posters, including the Frankenstein Edsel drawing I posted a little while back. Above are a batch of logos I made for him back around 1996 or so. I'll dig up some of my other Fiends stuff and post it for you at a later date. Stay tuned for MORE GRAVEDIGGIN' ACTION!


  1. this is J.T Massacre, first drummer for the Fiends, King Merinuk also did some amazing gig posters for us as well. thanks for all your hard work!