Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shouts from The Gutter

Chris Walter played a big part in the Winnipeg punk scene from the early days through the late '80s, playing in The Vacant Lot (one of the first punk combos around these parts) and publishing the best known local 'zine, Pages Of Rage. He moved to Vancouver and got into a heavy drug scene for years before cleaning up his act and reinventing himself as a writer and self-publisher of punky, streetwise books detailing much Bukowski-esque gutter action. I made this poster for the release party of his book Shouts From The Gutter a couple years back, and the show featured some prominent local punk combos and a live reading by CW himself. For anyone interested in the early days of Winnipeg's punk scene I recommend Warm Beer & Wild Times, CW's 2008 bio of local legends Personality Crisis which features a surfeit of arcane info on that intriguing subject amongst other pertinent matters. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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