Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hot Live Guys

The Hot Live Guys have been rockin' Winnipeg for 10 whole years now. Startin' out as some kind of ska combo (?!!), they mutated early on into the kinda spastic, frenzied garage-infused rawk that they have been blasting forth ever since. They were a mainstay of this town's rock'n'roll party scene throughout its early '00s heyday and beyond. Their track Robbin' A Bank was a hilite of Winnipeg Riot!, the comp CD chronicling Winnipeg's past decade of wild r'n'r and they have 3 of their own CDs and a split 7" on their action-packed resume as well. They are callin' it quits just before Xmas and what you see here is the poster I conjured up to help mark their passing. I dunno if any static medium is well suited to capture the flailing blur of rawk action that is their live show but I tried my best. We are printing 50 jumbo silkscreen copies of this poster which will be on sale at the show so plunder that bank account on your way over to the Albert. Their spankin' new album will also be making it's grand debut at the show and I heard something about T-shirts featuring the image above bein' available as well. It should be quite an evening as the HLG rock themselves outta this world one last time. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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  1. I just got one, plus the Teenage Head poster. Both rule! Good work, sir!