Friday, December 4, 2009

Screaming Fists

I used a pseudonym for the sleeve of this compilation of '70s punk rock obscurities since the guy who put it out had not gone through all the proper channels to legally reissue the songs. Since he is now dead, I suppose there's no harm in my admitting authorship of this piece. I was a huge fan of these Killed By Death-inspired punk reissue comps at the time and was really stoked to get to design a sleeve for this one, which includes a couple of great tracks from the Lowlife 7" (Winnipeg's one-and-only '70s punk waxing). The guy who put this out was paranoid about being tracked down if my artwork was recognized so I made a concerted effort to work in a different style, inking entirely in scratchy pen lines rather than my usual classy brushwork and topping the whole thing off with copious amounts of toothbrush spatter, a technique which I had never used previously. This came out on Anarchy International Productions in 1996, supposedly a limited edition of 500 LP copies though I suspect more than that were actually made. A second volume came out later but he just ripped off the artwork from a Pebbles compilation for the sleeve on that one. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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