Saturday, June 26, 2010

War Of The Colossal Beast

Here's one so obscure I had almost forgotten about it myself. Back in the mid-'90s the guy who ran Worrybird Records outta Georgia decided to put out a monster movie magazine in the Famous Monsters Of Filmland tradition. As a lifelong horror freak I was thrilled when he asked me to illustrate a planned article on '50s schlock auteur Bert I. Gordon, the man behind such drive-in classics as The Amazing Colossal Man and Earth Versus the Spider. The drawing I came up with is mostly a tribute to The Cyclops which features Lon Chaney, Jr as a drunken pilot and Dean Parkin as a giant skull faced mutant on a rampage. I threw in a little nod to Gordon's Attack Of the Puppet People as well. I guess the tiny man was meant to be a portrait of Puppet People star and B-movie great John Agar but for some reason it came out looking more like Russ "War Of The Gargantuas" Tamblyn. Anyhow I sent the artwork off to Georgia but the mag never came out and the whole thing was more or less forgotten about until I came across some photocopies of the art a few days back. So, a mere 16 years after the fact, here is the grand debut of my artistic tribute to Hollywood's Mr. B.I.G. Stay tuned for MORE BULLETS CAN'T STOP IT! NOTHING CAN KILL IT! ACTION!

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