Monday, June 14, 2010

Misfit Invasion

Artwork above TM & © 2009 Cyclopian Music Holdings LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted by permission.

As a frantic fan of The Misfits since way back in the '80s it was one of the biggest thrills of my career to land the poster design chores for their November 2009 show here in Winnipeg. The concept and artwork came together really quickly and I was quite happy with how the whole thing turned out. The idea of printing a color silkscreen version of the poster was being kicked around so I took it upon myself to contact the band via their website and ask their permission to pursue that project. To my surprise and amazement they not only gave permission to make the posters, but also offered to buy the rights to my drawing for use as part of the official Misfits T-shirt line! Talk about a dream come true. Flash forward to a couple days ago when the T-shirts and posters went on sale at the official Misfits Fiend Store and I got the go ahead to post the image here in the Rubber Room. Funnily enough the band are back in Winnipeg tonight for another show at the same venue. Check out if you're interested in getting a shirt or poster (there are only 138 signed and numbered copies of the poster and it is now available exclusively through the Fiend Store). Thanks to John at Misfits HQ for making all of this happen and giving me permission to post the image here, and to Eric and the Soul Survivors crew for throwing the poster design gig my way in the first place. Stay tuned for MORE EVILIVE ACTION!

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