Monday, June 7, 2010

Mants In Your Pants!

The Mants are a trashy garage punk combo made up of hideously mutated half man/half insect freaks. There's a lot of that kinda thing going on over in their hometown of Calgary from what I am told. Their insidious plans for world conquest were derailed more than 10 years ago when they were trapped in one of their many underground sugar mines by a sudden cave-in. Recently they have munched their way to the surface once more to resume their war on an unsuspecting human world. As we all know, a line of suave merchandise is an essential part of any such campaign of carnage, so I was called upon to revise and update my "classic" Mants T-shirt art (originally drawn way back in 1998) into the chopped'n'channeled nitro-burnin' post-Millennial version you see above. Look up the Mants over on Myspace to see about getting a shirt. Ownership of this garment will shortly be compulsory for all puny humans, so why not beat the rush? Stay tuned for MORE I FOR ONE WELCOME OUR NEW INSECT OVERLORDS ACTION!


  1. A friend of mine Coyote Will was suppose to video tape their reunion show this last winter,but i haven't seen or heard from him since.I think the Mants ate him!

  2. This sounds like the beginning of a horror movie. Let's get some scantily clad girls and go investigate.