Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Estrus Delivers!

Drew this 'un way back in 1994 for Dave at Estrus Records. Dave liked to have a classy kustom-made touch to everything related to his label so over the years he had various artists design a series of illustrations to be printed on the envelopes he mailed out 7" records in, and this was my contribution to that project. I was aiming for a straight-up '60s Roth Studio look to this piece; didn't quite hit the mark but it's not a bad example of Ugly Art, heavy on the Ugh! Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!


  1. he-he,I silkscreened myself a t shirt with this design and wore it to GarageShock that year. Pretty sure Ive still got it somewhere. dont sue me, i only made one! always loved all your art, glad i came across your blog!

  2. Thanks, Kevin. You'll be hearing from my lawyer as soon as he sobers up.