Sunday, June 27, 2010


This CARtoon version of of the George Barris-designed kustom Voxmobile was drawn back in the mid-'90s for the Anti catalog, a short-lived mailorder sideline of then-burgeoning Epitaph Records devoted to selling garage and punk records plus T-shirts, fanzines and other merch. The issue of the catalog that this drawing appeared in was included as an insert in an issue of Spin, making it probably the single most widely distributed piece I have ever drawn, and the one and only time my work was available for purchase at my local Safeway. About 10 years later I revised and upgraded the image for my friend Willem from Swamp Room Records, who used it as the poster for one of his psychedelic rock'n'roll festivals. I guess I will be due to recycle it again in another 4 years or so. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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