Monday, September 28, 2009


Way back in the early '80s I was a teenage punk rocker and The (Canadian) Subhumans were big time faves of mine. Their music really captured the sense of imminent apocalyptic catastrophe that hung over us in those days, with totalitarianism on the march, conflict exploding everywhere and the omnipresent threat of nuclear war poised to plunge us all into Road Warrior-style anarchy at any moment. I tried my best to capture that paranoid, Orwellian sense of impending doom in this poster. The band posted it on their website with some kind words, which made me really proud. The show was great. Guitarist Mike Graham, looking like a mild mannered middle-aged accountant, inflicted monstrous riff damage as they blasted through all their old classics and good new tunes from their comeback LP, New Dark Age Parade. Winnipeg's Unwanted played a great high-energy set, fronted as always by the Punkest Man In Showbiz, Mr. Norm Simm. Nice stuff. I hope that the apocalypse holds off awhile longer so I can see them both again. Also so I can post more stuff on this weirdo blog. See you in the fallout shelter, kids. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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