Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mack Stevens

This design for snake handlin' Texas rockabilly maniac Mack Stevens has to rate as one of my craziest record sleeves yet. Every song on this great LP is about murder and mayhem, including the serial killer ode B-T-K and a seriously warped take on a venerable blues standard, The Killin' Dozens. An album to file next to T. Tex Edwards' Pardon Me, I've Got Someone To Kill, Johnny Legend's True Murders and that Death Dealers compilation in your collection of sicko vinyl. This music is pure savage rock'n'roll by a guy who claims not to be influenced by any music recorded later than 1960 (and I believe him!). This should still be available (pressed up on blood red wax, no less) from Hog Maw Records over in France. I didn't realize that Mack was left-handed when I drew the back cover art, so it was reversed for the version printed on the LP (we strive for total accuracy around these parts, you understand). I think the original version works better graphically though, so that's what you see here. More stuff comin' up later today. Stay tuned for MORE HEADCHOPPIN' ACTION!

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