Monday, May 17, 2010

Haunting With The Horribles

Probably the most legendary band of Winnipeg's modern rock'n'roll era, The Horribles got together in 1997 and made their stage debut opening for the one and only local appearance by The Spaceshits that year. Mixing '77 punk, hardcore and street rock with dashes of garage, psychobilly and metal, The Horribles ruled the local scene until their breakup in 2000 and inspired the most all out craziness seen at local shows. Huge wild slam pits, stage invasions, Halloween props and copious amounts of blood, both fake and 100% real, were staples of their loud, fun and frequent live sets. They had a batch of great, super catchy original tunes, most of which are to be found on their one and only CD release, You Should Hate Them. One track from the CD can be heard on the Winnipeg Riot! comp of local rock'n'roll action from the '97-04 period. A few later originals sadly never saw proper studio recordings though there is a live set from local college radio that includes some of them. Drummer Brian Six-Pac went on to play with the Farrell Bros, Squareheads, Switchblade Sisters, Accosters and others before moving to Montreal and joining the Demon's Claws. Bassist Clockwork Alex played in a great but short-lived local powerpop band called The Detentions. I'm proud to have been able to help out The Horribles with the skull logo above, which was used on buttons and patches, and the art below which was used on stickers and flyers back in the early days of the band. I miss The Horribles and all the craziness that went on back then. Hard to believe more than 10 years have gone by already. Oh well. Stay tuned for MORE EVIL IN A LEOPARD PRINT SKIRT ACTION!

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