Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Royal Albert Chainsaw Massacre

Here's a poster I did for a punked out show at our venerable skid row rock dive the Royal Albert way back in 1999. The Lower East Side Stitches never showed up and I didn't care for headliners Bunchofuckingoofs so instead let's talk about Winnipeg's mighty street punk heroes The Mohosimrots. These guys got going in August of '97 and were one of the first of a wave of great rock'n'roll bands that came outta Winnipeg around the turn of the century. They played straight ahead super catchy '77-ish street rock with a strong British vibe. Sadly they only lasted a couple of years and never did any studio recording but I am told that there are good quality live tapes and video (including a vid of the infamous tomato smashing set that got them banned for life from local hippie venue the West End Cultural Centre) which will hopefully see the light of day at some point. There's a low-fi rehearsal tape circulating among fans and right now that is the only way to hear classic tunes like Now You're Gonna Listen, Left Handed Gun and Beer Here. The Mohosimrots called it quits not long after this show. Guitarist Mike went on to the Martian Graverobbers and Zombie Assault!! while bassist Jan switched over to six string and played in the Squareheads and Nervous Lugers among others. You can hear their great song Manipogo on the Winnipeg Riot! comp CD (an excerpt from the rehearsal tape mentioned above). Sadly plans for a Manipogo 7" with Merinuk sleeve art never came to pass, but I guess that's rock'n'roll. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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