Friday, March 5, 2010

Youth Against Nature

This is one of my all time craziest efforts and probably the single work that I am best known for so far. It's the sleeve of Youth Against Nature by The Monsters. Starting out with a basic psychobilly sound back in the '80s, The Monsters have mutated like a B-movie creature over the years adding lots of wild garage, punk, blues and savage Link Wray instro action to their sound. This was their third long player and came out on Record Junkie Records back in 1995. Band leader Beat-Man came up with the basic idea for this sleeve and I really went to town with the hellish detail on this evil thing. The original pressing has a neat fold out sleeve and there was a limited edition color vinyl version that came with free candy and fireworks! It has since been reissued on Voodoo Rhythm Records with the artwork altered a bit (and some parts deleted) to fit on a gatefold sleeve, which is the version you see above. A CD version was also released at that time. There was a promo poster for the original release cobbled together from various parts of the two drawings which I will eventually scan and post here. Plans are afoot for me to do a kinda sequel/reimagining of this sleeve for a very cool sounding concept album by a current rockabilly star. More on that when and if it all comes together. Thanks to Beat-Man for sending me these scans. Stay tuned for MORE APOCALYPTIC ACTION!


  1. WOW!... when you coming out with a book of your work!!!!!

  2. This is just awesome! First time I saw this was when I was still young and innocent (haha) in the Lp collection of my brother. Since then it is a classic reference! Thanks for sharing your work!