Thursday, March 11, 2010

Return To The Forbidden Dimension

Amazing Calgary ghoul rockers Forbidden Dimension (see my January 27 post for a bit of info on their early career) regrouped a few years back after a near decade-long hiatus and made their long awaited return to Winnipeg late in 2008. They put on a killer high energy show including many old classics and lots of great new songs from their comeback album Cool Sound Out Of Hell. Also on this power-packed bill were the garage stompin' Angry Dragons and theatrical grrl rockers The Gorgon. I was doing posters for most of the Dragons shows at the time and worked real hard to give them a cool one for such a bitchin' show but unbeknownst to me the FDs resident art monster TOMB was conjuring up his own poster for this show in his Calgary basement lair. His poster made mine kinda redundant so this one has remained mostly unseen... until now. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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