Monday, March 8, 2010

Monkey Mania

This was my second 7" sleeve for the cool all-girl garage combo Sit N'Spin. Came out back in 1996 on the Solamente Records label outta Brooklyn, NY. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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  1. I have this one, and the later CD as well. Sit N' Spin was probably, musically, my favorite all-girl band from that period (I love the songs, and Heidi Leib's singing), though THE FRIGGS will always be my #1 (I saw them play live 30 times). Susan Stanley (alias "Suki Von Trapp") was in both bands.

    Some years back, I compiled all of Sit N' Spin's 45s onto a CD and sent a copy to Heidi-- she wrote back thanking me as she said she didn't have a working turntable at the time and hadn't been able to hear them in years! What a kick that was. (I'd gotten in touch with her earlier, as they had a new 45 out and I couldn't find ANY website that was actually selling it. We did a mail-order directly.)

    Last I heard, Heidi was playing in a Blondie tribute band, "The Pretty Babies". There's a 22-min. live video of them playing in the middle of NYC somewhere online.

    I found your blog while doing a search for them. LOVE your art! I don't think enough people appreciate this kind of stuff. In the last 20 years, it's consistently the unknown "bar bands" who always put MORE thought and BETTER design into their packaging!