Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They Won't Stay Dead!

Here's an old school punk rock flyer from 1999 featuring a definitive lineup of some of the most ubiquitous bands on the Winnipeg scene at the time. I've talked about The Horribles, Insaniacs and Breath Grenades in earlier posts on this blog. The Degenerates were one of those nihilistic, beer sodden drunk-punk combos and their un-PC humor was pretty controversial for awhile. Their drummer once showed me a video of them playing at the Albert while a guy in a gorilla suit was going nuts and smashing things. I said, "Cool, you got a friend to dress up in a gorilla suit for the show." He said, "No, we didn't even know the guy. He was just some drunk hanging around the bar in a gorilla suit." I did a couple of vomitously funny illustrations for The Degenerates which I will post here at some point to mess up your mind. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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