Thursday, February 25, 2010

Switchblade Martians

Quickie poster for a gig featuring two local powerhouse combos back in 2001. See below for a lengthy, semi-accurate post on The Martian Graverobbers. The Switchblade Sisters were a crazed mix of '70s r'n'r and punk, NY Dolls + Sweet + Dead Boys shot through the Killed By Glam grease. They were an unstable conglomeration of larger than life characters and were noted for their epic 90 minute plus sets crammed with a month's worth of maddening mayhem. They had a bunch of wild originals but unfortunately broke up without doing any studio recording. You can hear a low-fi live track on the Winnipeg Riot! comp CD. I remember that we went to another show at the same venue a day or two before this one and wanted to put up a few of these posters. Lacking tape or a stapler, ever-resourceful SS singer Vom stuck 'em up with bubblegum. Baby, that is rock'n'roll. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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