Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Wanna Be A Real Kid!

It was a major thrill for me to get to do the cover art for this tribute CD to the amazin' Real Kids way back in 1996. Comin' outta the early Boston new wave scene, the Kids combined high energy Stonesy rock with the best in pop hooks to make some of the flat out greatest rock'n'roll ever. The CD features 18 garage and powerpop combos from around the world paying well-deserved homage to the recorded works of The Real Kids, including the mighty Basement Brats, The Psychotic Youth and Aussie R&B coolsters The Breadmakers. Antipodean powerpop label Spinning Top Records put this thing together (see "Do The Pop" post below for more on them). I was pleasantly surprised to see this cover art show up onscreen in the 2003 Real Kids documentary film, All Kindsa Girls. Fresh thrills are coming soon to this Rubber Room so... Stay tuned for MORE NO PLACE FAST ACTION!