Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Into The Forbidden Dimension

Forbidden Dimension are a brilliant horror rock band outta Calgary, which is without a doubt Canada's most sinister city. They differ from most other horror bands in that they are as much influenced by Link Wray, Kiss and The Damned as they are by The Misfits. They played in Winnipeg several times back in the '90s and I got the call to do the poster for one such show at the Pyramid Cabaret in 1997. As the FD have the amazing TOMB as their in-house artist I knew that I had to deliver my best work on this one and I have always been pretty proud of the way it turned out. The FD guys liked it too and at the show they did me the honor of adapting the words of their song Dial M For Monster into Dial M For Merinuk... a pretty proud moment for me. This was also the show where Personality Crisis singer Mitch Funk joined FD onstage for their cover of PC classick Vampire's Dream which was another amazing thing to see. Anyhow, fast forward to 2004 when I got a rush request for a couple of posters from my pals The Independents. I decided to give the FD poster a new lease on life and recycled it into the poster for the South Carolina show headlined by '77 punk legends The Vibrators. I made the color separations for a silkscreen version of this but unfortunately that never made it to print. To top this epic saga off, here's the FD art again, bootlegged on a poster for a Hellacopters show that my eagle-eyed buddy Lee found somewhere on the net awhile back. I think this show was in Spain somewhere. Thanks, Leroy! Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!

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